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vigation and positioning Autos Arti


Posted 3:58 am, 09/16/2019

Built-in GPS chip [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...ey/]Victor Mete Youth Jersey[/url] , easy navigation and positioning Autos Articles | May 18, 2012 Diversification is an irresistible trend of the IT sector, of course, the MID is no exception, the MID of the tablet and then navigate to a call from the phone plate, can be described as changing, div...

Diversification is an irresistible trend of the IT sector, of course [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...rsey/]Paul Byron Youth Jersey[/url] , the MID is no exception, the MID of the tablet and then navigate to a call from the phone plate, can be described as changing, diversification has been making the most of on the plate. MID can navigate, do not doubt it, this is a fact, Newman G17's launch is the best proof. Built-in GPS navigation chip, without charge [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...rsey/]Jeff Petry Youth Jersey[/url] , without networking you can easily achieve the navigation, positioning, really is amazing, yes, yes, this is Newman G17, can navigate the MID. The following Xiaobian'll introduce this model.

As navigation the MID, Newman G17 most prominent feature [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...y/]Phillip Danault Youth Jersey[/url] , of course navigation features built-in GPS chip, easy navigation and positioning is the perfect companion for travel around. Another special function is to support the FM transmitter, can achieve the seamless connection of music to carry the G17 is equivalent to private to enjoy miniature radio.

Of course, the G17, in addition to have these special features, almost all the tablet functions are equipped. Equipped Android smartphone operating system, application software support more than 100,000 kinds of mass support ARMCortexA8 core [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...rsey/]Karl Alzner Youth Jersey[/url] , 1.5GHz frequency, the leap in speed to provide a strong run power. 7 inches touch screen, allows you to easily feel the touch of joy. Built-in the WIFI and external 3GUSBDongle, Internet access, comprehensive seamless network connection. Of course, you can also get the TA to experience 3D games and strong 3D performance coupled with gravity sensing technology, the ultra-cool 3D games let you stop.

How? Such a stylish, strong inner core [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc.../]Jonathan Drouin Youth Jersey[/url] , can navigate the tablet is a little heart? Why not, the current airplane Taobao sells for 699 yuan, quite affordable. Interested friends can go to Taobao Mall attention

????The lessons of Europe, for instance, the 1999 Kosovo war, when the Europeans discovered with NATO, the European aircraft can not be hung on the precision guidance weapons in the United States, the United States has developed rapidly it go forward [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...sey/]Carey Price Youth Jersey[/url] , the European development even if it is a NATO member, it is slightly behind the United States, this system can not receive in Europe, the United States of precision guidance weapons, the large number of precision guidance weapons are actually guided by the GPS, the Europeans do not have this system. A few days ago, Mr. Huang ready equipped friends together to go to Qingdao play, so early in Haining Avenue in an automobile supply store to purchase a value of $ 700 navigator. Before departure navigator in the urban areas is very normal [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...rsey/]Shea Weber Youth Jersey[/url] , and on the high-speed no problem, I did not expect to go the way of the Laoshan scenic spot something wrong, navigator series "Hu guide" to engage in a pedestrian lost his way. Finally the last case of police patrol, and only then bring them to the right place, but it was late, no interest. It is understood that with the continuous development of the automotive market, the supplies of various types of vehicles has developed rapidly, most owners welcome the GPS navigator. But unlike cars [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...ersey/]Max Pacioretty Womens Jersey[/url] ,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.? a lot of product quality is relatively poor, and too easy to buy a "cottage" products and "no" inferior products. Interview, I learned that genuine on the local market, "cottage" GPS navigator combined 20, the price gap, from three hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Although many car owners, purchased the Navigator [url= http://www.cheapnhljerseysc...ey/]Andrew Shaw Womens Jersey[/url] , but the trouble is also a lot of. Often hear some car friends complain: "sometimes followed by the navigator to go, might as well turn map navigator upgrade is too cumbersome and old to spend money, and often go wrong.

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