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Posted 4:24 am, 09/10/2019

Development of Chinese pharmaceutical raw material artemisinin is restricted by foreign giants Health Articles | March 13 [url= http://www.airmax270france....html]Homme Nike Air Max 720 Or Noir Pas Cher[/url] , 2012 Recently, the world market?s demand of raw material artemisinin has been grown rapidly. In the past two years, there is a serious supply shortage from raw materials to all aspects of finished drug.

And thus it boosts the Chinese artemisinin exports increase in volume and prices. Artemisinin production in China accounts for 90 percent in the world. It is currently facing the situation that huge export profits are seized by multinational companies and resources are damaged heavily.

Artemisinin is anti-malarial drug extracted from the plant artemisia annua. Artemisinin export products mainly include raw artemisinin drugs and artemisia annua pharmaceutical preparations two. China is the largest producer of raw artemisinin drugs in the world, especially in Youyang [url= http://www.airmax270france....html]Homme Nike Air Max 720 Chaussures Verte Noir Pas Cher[/url] , its share of global output is 80 percent and the quality is the best in the world.

Artemisinin is first successful introduced in China. It is recognized by the world health organization. The pharmaceutical industry calls it as the national treasure. At present, artemisinin raw material drug sales in 31 countries around the world. There is a huge market. Malaria is prevalent in the world is very wide, very high morbidity and mortality of tropical parasitic infections each year in Africa alone there are 250 million people in need of such drugs. More critical is the raw material for manufacturing artemisinin annua for China's unique plants.

Chinese artemisinin is exported as pharmaceutical raw materials. The profit is always controlled by the multinational pharmaceutical giants. Although China has almost from the source control artemisinin market, the interests of the bulk of control in the hands of the multinational pharmaceutical giants [url= http://www.airmax270france.....html]Nike Air Max 720 Noir Pas Cher[/url] , the Chinese pharmaceutical companies only in the status of raw material suppliers. Artemisinin-based international agency procurement must be national and international certification before entering the international mainstream market.

Beginning last year, the global market demand for artemisinin-based products to grow significantly, more and more Chinese enterprises to enter this area, many of whom do not have the production or processing conditions small pharmaceutical companies for the sake of the interests of [url= http://www.airmax270france....html]Homme Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Chaussures Noir Blanche Pas Cher[/url] , the use of extremely simple of equipment for production, and sold at very low prices. This behavior not only upset the Chinese artemisinin market, and this substandard artemisinin exports will lead to distrust of the international glutathione market for China's artemisinin products. So set up the appropriate body to carry out unified coordination and guidance becomes necessary.

Absolute advantage in the Chinese plant Artemisia annua on the ownership is being undermined and threatened the status of a major exporter of bulk drugs. Currently, many countries have started to explore their own Artemisia annua resources [url= http://www.airmax270france....html]Homme Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Chaussures Triple Black Noir Pas Cher[/url] , transplantation of high artemisinin content of Artemisia annua plants. Such as Tanzania has achieved the commercial cultivation of the plant Artemisia annua. And in the 2006 to 2007 planting season of artemisia annua cultivation area expanded to 2000 hectares.

At the same time, Chinese enterprises can not get rid of the embarrassing position of raw material suppliers in a long time. The key problem is that they do not understand master of the united nations procurement rules. The experts point out that Chinese enterprise should enhance the understanding of UN procurement rules and step into the international mainstream market through this international agency procurement.

Source: http:http://www.cospcn

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